Studio Maternity Session on Film

March 21, 2024

Film has had a popular resurgence lately in the photography world, and I get it. We always long for how things were–for how the world was before it became the convenient version of itself that we all seemingly cannot live without. When I started my photo career in 2017, I was determined out the gate to learn the old ways and use those skills to build my business out. Since then, I have always shot film here and there at many weddings. It is a huge influence for my editing style and even if not shooting film, I aim to emulate it. All images below are from a recent family maternity session photographed on medium format and 35mm film. I absolutely love the imperfections it offers, the colors and texture of the images, and how they automatically ignite a nostalgic feel. I love the delayed gratification of having to send my film away and then getting the email when they are finally processed and scanned and ready to view. The whole process forces a major slow down in approach, ensuring each frame is intentional and exactly fitting my vision. If you want a film session, please reach out!

The in-between, storytelling images that give the big picture of your wedding day are so important to me in my mission to create images that appreciate with time. I love getting to know my couples and their intricate relationships as well as writing my highlights from their unique day to supplement their photos. Here are some of the weddings I've been lucky enough to document as well as some words about what made their day so memorable for me.