Colorful Mountaintop Indian Wedding

March 21, 2024

Sunny & Alisha planned a perfect mountaintop ceremony with stunning views for their summertime Hudson Valley wedding. A mandap covered in colorful reds pinks and oranges provided a perfect pop of color against the sunny mountain range. Because of the location, Sunny was able to ride a horse throughout his baraat. Being immersed among the thick crowd of colorfully dressed family and friends is truly a highlight of my career as a wedding photographer. The energy and joy that radiated was undeniable. At the end of the baraat, a traditional ceremony that involves a little mischief, called the Joota Chupai, has the groom’s shoes stolen. At the end of the ceremony, the groom must pay a ransom to get his shoes back from the culprits. The tradition really welcomes a sense of fun into the wedding ceremony, and shows how willing both sides of the families are ready for a lifetime of laughter and fun together.

After the ceremony concluded, Sunny & Alisha made their way to a decked out rickshaw, which served as their getaway car. Alisha then threw rice back over her shoulders to her family, a tradition meant to signify to her family that despite leaving for a new home and life, she is praying for their material and spiritual prosperity. It’s also a way of thanking her parents symbolically for everything they’ve done for her since childhood. I can’t say it enough; these traditions are absolutely so sweet and full of beautiful meaning.

The in-between, storytelling images that give the big picture of your wedding day are so important to me in my mission to create images that appreciate with time. I love getting to know my couples and their intricate relationships as well as writing my highlights from their unique day to supplement their photos. Here are some of the weddings I've been lucky enough to document as well as some words about what made their day so memorable for me.