Moments happen in front of me and I make a split decision on how valuable those moments will be over time. The second I click the camera is when I confirm it was glittering gold. I look for that gold all day, constantly seeking out what is valuable. As a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a wife, I know the feeling of being in a moment, seeing something happen that is seemingly mundane, but then realizing years later just how grateful I am that I actually took out my camera and documented that memory. 

On your wedding day, I see myself as not only a photographer, but a curator of memories.

Curator of

i am a

Hudson Valley Photographer

Now that I have added becoming a parent to my resume, I feel my perspective into wedding days has intensified and so has my desire to capture the day in a way that will be meaningful for years to come. I love knowing that a wedding day is just the beginning of a beautiful life with so many more incredible days to come and it feels like I am in on the best secret. I love getting to see the looks on moms' and dads' faces when they see their child so happy and loved, because I know now that this is what all parents want more than anything for their children. And my apologies if you see my eyes welling up during your wedding, but sometimes I really just can't help myself. Parent dances and ceremonies, I'm looking at you.

I get to be part of one of the most joyous days of people's lives, and it's an intoxicating work environment. 

My journey into wedding photography began in 2017 after I got married, and to be honest, it was never on my radar as a career path I would go down. I majored in English in college, and have always loved being creative and using words to tell and read stories. When I shot my first wedding, I fell in love. It was the perfect opportunity to tell stories and be creative all in one.

my journey

based in the Hudson Valley and documenting weddings in the Catskills, New York, and any destination a plane can take me

It's important that couples feel safe when in front of my camera, no matter who they are or what they look like. All are welcomed.


I use intentional language to ensure I am not excluding people, and I strive to show a variety of couples in my website/social.


To be professional is to keep commitments. I always maintain deadlines and welcome open communication throughout our time.


I believe in keeping it real.  From me, you can always expect lighthearted honesty to ensure I am maintaining your trust.


I will always make sure you feel heard and understood and want you to feel like you can trust me fully.


- Kingsley + Steve

As soon as we hung up the phone after our initial chat we both looked at each other and said that's our girl. Lindsay’s photos are beyond, and totally exceeded our expectations, and the cherry on top is that Lindsay is just so great-fun-creative and comfy to work with. When we saw her on our day, it was like we were catching up with a friend.

our girl.


kind words
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we said,


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