Untermeyer Gardens Engagement Photos

February 3, 2019

Gabby & Alex’s engagement shoot was one I had been looking forward to ever since they told me they wanted to shoot at Untermeyer. Untermeyer Gardens (if you haven’t been) is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.  The moment you step in, it feels like you’re stepping into another world.  It reminds me a lot of something you might find in Europe somewhere.  If you are planning to visit, the wonderful thing is that it’s completely free to the public.  To do photos here, however, there is a permit fee.  It’s so worth it if you want something gorgeous and unique to the Hudson Valley ????

I visited the gardens the day before our session because I wanted to have a game plan for our shoot.  Permits are only allowed for one hour time slots, so even though most of my engagement sessions tend to be 60-90 minutes, I needed to know exactly which spots were photo-worthy (and how to get to them!)

The park was pretty empty for us, which made for a very easy shoot! Even though the clouds were rolling in and there were a few rain drops at the end of the session, it held out long enough for us to get some gorgeous light in their photos (and in the end, the clouds only added to the Game of Thrones-esque vibe of the columns overlooking the Hudson River!)

I cannot express how excited I am for Gabby & Alex’s wedding this year at the Garrison. They are the sweetest, most easy-going couple, and they keep each other laughing at all times. It’s such a fun energy to be around and photograph!



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