Ryan & Caillie’s engagement shoot at Brooklyn Bridge was truly SO much fun.  They reached out to me for their wedding on their family farm, and from the second I spoke with them, I knew they were going to be such a fun couple to work with.  They currently live in Portland, Oregon, so when they asked if we could time their engagement session with a trip back to the east coast where they’ll be tying the knot, I of course wanted to make the timing work! Ryan was really excited to shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge as he is a big bridge nerd (self-proclaimed!) I learned that John Roebling, the guy who built the bridge, died during its construction and that his wife, Emily, ended up taking over a lot of the engineering responsibilities, which I had no idea and thought was amazing!


We started the session off at dawn on the bridge to avoid crowds, and ended up in Brooklyn Bridge park.  Ryan and Caillie wanted a picture with a coffee cup from one of their favorite Portland coffee joints that also has a store in Brookyln–and Ryan, a photographer himself, wanted some shots of him photographing Caillie since he’s pretty much always taking pictures of her when they go places. It ended up being a super cute few shots! Cannot wait for their wedding at their family’s farm this year!