Oh heyyyyyyyy!


Photographer and self-declared winner of “most likely to hear someone’s life story in unexpected places.” Everywhere I go, strangers open up. Whether it’s an antique shop owner telling me about her and her late husband’s favorite meal from their Italian vacation 40 years ago, or a fellow TJ Maxx customer recalling how she met her best friend of 17 years in a shared hospital room, I listen. And not a polite listen, but a genuine, I really give a damn listen. Because at the core of my being, I’m story obsessed. It’s why I was an English major in college and why I fell in love with photography. If there is a story to be heard, I will listen. And if there's a story to be told, I'll tell it.

Aside from talking to strangers in weird places, I am usually hanging out with my spreadsheet loving, engineer husband, my little boy Liam, and my Brittany spaniel puppy, Luke, who I obsess over on a daily basis because well, scroll down and you'll see.

I am a fairly simple human who requires typical human things, but in addition, I need chocolate, Pellegrino, and French fries for survival. I get a real thrill over seeing a properly used semi-colon as well as watching The Office every day (I still laugh out loud at least once during every.single.episode) As fair warning, I do reminisce about my previous life as a Southern California resident and will likely tell you about it at some point or another, so my apologies in advance for all of that

(but for real, it's Cali. Can you blame me?)

Why photography? Why weddings?

I didn't go to college for anything relating to photography or art. And I had not really been part of many weddings when I started this journey into the wedding photography world. I have always, however, been a person who constantly feels the need to document life. To savor it. To freeze little moments in time. And because of this, I have always been a picture-taker. Four years ago, I was laid off from my full time job working in the shipping industry (I can tell you how many pallets can fit on a 53' truck. Impressed?) where I worked in account management. Mike and I moved back to NY from California. We were engaged, about to get married, annnnnnnd living with my parents. I applied to jobs, but the market was pretty rough. I decided to dig deep and see what I could do to keep my spirits high, contribute to the wedding fund, and be proactive. Photography was my answer. I started off with taking pictures of my niece, and then the kids at my sister's daycare, and from there, a bride asked me to shoot her wedding. I shot my first one and the incredible range of emotions and fulfilment I got from those four hours was something I had to keep chasing. And the rest, as they say, is history.

My fur baby. My Lukey Duke, Duke, Lucas Skywalker, all names he goes by. He's the best co-worker I've ever had (I mean, pretty hard to compete with those floppy ears and sweet eyes) Choosing me as your photographer means you help this guy get re-affirmed that he is in fact, a very good boy, as I like to buy him all the toys and treats. When it comes to my baby boy, no expense is spared 😉Don't be surprised if you see him riding shotgun with me, ears flopping in the window wind, because I bring him everyyyyywhere.